9 thoughts on “Diet Air Cooler Symphony 12 Litre Just Rs.6400 – Amazon

  1. Amazing deal! i bought this cooler and it works very nice.it have many features like big water tank, cooling pads and many more. i am very satisfied with its performance. the cooler cools my room in 20 minutes. it also has feature that it use less electricity so it is not affected to my electricity bill. I suggest this to every one because it is amazing cooler @ affordable rate.

  2. Such an small and simple design air cooler is diet 12t air cooler, which has an amazing features too. it has powerful air throw with auto swing, it has even high efficiency honeycomb too, auto louvers and multi direction wheels too, and large 12 liter of water tank with such small size it has many amazing properties which made me love this air cooler, really amazing air cooler, thank you symphony.

  3. The best cooler of symphony. the cooler which works very fast and cools a medium size room in 15 minutes. The structure of the cooler is so nice that it can be fits at any place and cover whole are in cooling. the cooler has big water tank feature so it can reduce my work. it also has wheels so i can change it place easily. over all it is nice cooler and also affordable in price. thank you symphony.

  4. The Diet 12i cooler of symphony is one of the best cooler of symphony because it has all the features and functions that require for superior cooling. the cooler has big water tank with dura -pump technology of cooling which i like the most. the cooler has remote also so i can change its mode of the cooler at distance too. me and my family enjoy our summer with cool and fresh air of this cooler.

  5. Symphony diet 12 is excellent cooler. Symphony made this cooler with very nice functions that helps people a lot. The cooler has dura-pump technology of cooling which I feel the best technology in air cooler. It has nice body structure so it can fits in any place of the room. And for moving it has in-built multi directional wheels also. truly the cooler is very nice and I am happy to have this cooler.

  6. Recently I purchased symphony diet 12 air cooler for my home. I can’t believe the coolness it gives just in 20 minutes. It has automatic louvers which equalize the air flow in the room; on another hand it consumes the same electricity as of one fan. The cost of cooler and acquisition of this air cooler was really into my budget. The best part of these coolers is it has big water capacity with attached ice chamber for additionally cooling on hot days. I must say Symphony has the best coolers. It makes hectic days restful having an air cooler. diet has inbuilt wheels to move the cooler around which helps me move at my place easily. Symphony has done a magic towards the air flow and to my sweaty days. Symphony gives me a very effective cooler at very affordable rate.

  7. Recently I show symphony air cooler for at my friend`s home. It is good in looks and works. Its body structure is so nice that it fits in any place of the house. The cooler has large cooling pad with dura-pump technology so it can throw cool and fresh air more strongly. It has wheels and remote control system also these both features are new and make life easy and cool. It has dust proof and shock proof body so my friend is not worry for his children to play around the cooler. That cooler is completing his all requirement of cooling and he is very happy with it works and power of cooling. I am also buying one symphony air cooler next month for my home because I am really impressed with that cooler.

  8. Very nice cooler, from the first day I started using the cooler till now the cooler done its job perfectly. My whole summer time was passed so smoothly with the cooler’s cool air. And now the rain is starting but I still use the cooler because it saves my money by not using much electricity. it has features like dura-pump technology and inbuilt wheels which is very nice. I am very much glad that I have this cooler at my home.

  9. It is important to share the experience with other so other can make their best decision and chaise. I am telling all of you, experience of my uncle with their symphony air cooler diet 12 i. His new symphony air cooler is very good; it cools his room in very short time duration and spreads cool and fresh air. It has so many features which makes this cooler first choice of my uncle. It has large water tank with large cooling pad so it throw more air with more power. The cooler body structure is so nice that it fits in anywhere in the house without any trouble. Finally this cooler is completing all their requirements with its best working capacity. I like my uncle`s cooler most and enjoy it’s cool and fresh air whenever I visit their home.

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