8 thoughts on “Air Cooler Symphony Diet 8T 8-Litre Just Rs.4199 – Amazon

  1. Symphony diet 8t is very good cooler,good services,very nice technology they have used,water tank alarm,dura pump technology,effort able price,suggesting you people to go with symphony.

  2. one of my cousins suggest me about symphony air cooler diet 35,Sleeping in fans with a constant speed made me annoyed.after taking suggestions wi decided to get Symphony air cooler at my place. symphony was the best cooler to choose.The most important thing was price and it was affordable. Air coolers which comes with the best features. I was worried about the maintenance cost but it has almost zero maintenance cost. Also, it has amazing wheels which make it portable. this makes life easy. Symphony air coolers are really good. the water tank size was more enough and the air it blows out is just so perfect.really good.

  3. I bought this cooler last year for my grand fathers room. he live alone and he wants cooler for the summer. symphony diet 8 is very good cooler for 1 or 2 person. it also keeps the room cool for long time. the main reason my grand father like this is, the cooler also not using much electricity in working. my grand father like his cooler so am i. I will planning to purchase the cooler which suites my home. symphony is a nice company for air cooler.

  4. This cooler works very well and more than my expectation. I bought it before four months for my brother and that time I hope that it works well but now I am sure that it makes his life wonderful with its cooling. He uses it for whole night and day but that also the speed of cooling is same. It is very energy efficient with low power consumption so it not affecting his electricity bill and that proves after using. This is the best cooler and my brother is very satisfied with it’s works. It has so many feature like new dura-pump technology, shock proof body etc.This company gives only quality product and after sales services is also nice.

  5. After experiencing such excellent performance from my 1st ever Symphony cooler, jumbo Junior which is now 5 years old. I bought the ninja Cooler for my colleague during a summer. He uses this cooler mainly in the living room, and it fits in quite well given the limited size of the room. The air cooler is very slim in size & has wheels which make it portable. A special thing about this cooler is that it consumes very less watts of electricity I am sure it will help him reduce my electricity bill. It has empty water-tank alarm & high efficiency honeycomb pad. Really he is very satisfied with the product and also bought for his brother in law.

  6. The cooler works very impressively in my home. I talking about symphony’s cooler diet 8t. I bought it before 1year and this big period it not gives me any kind of trouble. It has some amazing functions which work very nice. It has nice body structure which fits at any place of the room and for that it has in-built multi-directional wheels also so I move it with no trouble. It has dura-pump technology of cooling with the help of that it throws more cool air with more power. And yes I not forgot to add that it save my electricity also while cooling because it has feature like less consumption of electricity. totally satisfy with the cooler.

  7. My new symphony cooler diet 8 is very nice and works very well. I am buying this because it is in very nice price. But now I can say that it is nice in works also. It has wheels which is main feature for me because I can’t afford one more for my other room like air-condition. It has featured like less power consumption it not affects my electricity bill even if I run it for full night/day. It has a large water tank with large cooling pad so this also nice one for me. It gives me more cool and fresh air when I put this cooler in front of open window. It pulls the hot air outside and spread the cool and fresh air inside. It creates very less noise rather I say no noise. I am satisfied with this cooler works and I am really sure that it will give me same coolness in future also.

  8. I purchased a medium sized air cooler named diet 8i. But then what attract me towards symphony were the names of it. When I purchased mine I thought it would be pretty expensive but then it was in my budget and with a many alternative to it. A jet fan can make summer so cool was something I never thought off. The color and size of an air cooler is good to go as they add charm to my home decor. Another good side was cooler has a trolley. Symphony air coolers are best in every way. From services, design, pricing and technology. Symphony coolers made me happy with its cooling effect and my family smiles.!

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