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Books Deal Days

Books Deal Days Upto 35% off – Amazon

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Amazon India offers 23 November 2017

Amazon brings books deal days is offering Upto 35% off on books. Many categories includes action & adventure, arts, film & photography, biographies, diaries & true accounts,business & economics, children’s & young adult, comics & mangas, computing, internet & digital media, crafts, home & lifestyle, crime, thriller & mystery, fantasy, horror & science fiction,health, family & personal development, historical fiction, history, humour, language, linguistics & writing, law, literature & fiction, politics, reference, religion, romance, sciences, technology & medicine, society & social sciences, sports, textbooks, travel.

Books for Vacations and Staycations

Books for Vacations and Staycations Upto 35% off – Amazon

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Amazon India offers 03 July 2017

Amazon is offering Upto 35% off Vacations and Staycations Books. All kind of books like Action & Adventure, Arts, Film & Photography, Biographies, Diaries & True Accounts, Business & Economics, Children’s & Young Adult, Comics & Mangas, Computing, Internet & Digital Media, Crafts, Home & Lifestyle, Crime, Thriller & Mystery, Exam Preparation, Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction, Health, Family & Personal Development, Historical Fiction History, Humour, Language, Linguistics & Writing, Law, Literature & Fiction, Politics, Reference, Religion, Romance, Sciences, Technology & Medicine, Society & Social Sciences, Sports, Textbooks, Travel.

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National Science Day - Books

National Science Day – Books Upto 40% off – Amazon

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Amazon India offers 27 February 2017

Amazon National Science Day is offering Upto 40% off on Books. National Science Day is celebrated on 28 February to commemorate the invention of the Raman Effect. Renowned Indian physicist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930 for his discovery.