9 thoughts on “Symphony Hicool i Air Cooler 31 litre with Remote at Rs.9600 Only – Amazon

  1. The Hicool cooler of symphony is one of the best cooler of symphony because it has all the features and functions that require for superior cooling. the cooler has big water tank with empty water tank alarm which i like the most because of this feature, the need to check the cooler for water is reduce. the cooler has remote also so i can change its mode of the cooler at distance too. me and my family enjoy our summer with cool and fresh air of this cooler.

  2. In this summer I bought symphony Hicool i air cooler for my shop. The cooler is exactly works same as I noticed at other shops. My shop size is big and this cooler is just perfect for it. It cools the area very fast and its cool air reaches every corner of the area. It has one big advantage that it has inbuilt wheels so I can put it wherever I want. I am lucky that I have this cooler in summer because it makes my working hour beautiful with its cool and fresh air. I suggest this amazing cooler to everyone.

  3. I love the way this Hicool cooler surprises me by it’s features. the most relief thing is it’s inbuilt wheels which gives me the freedom to shift it from one place to another. even i got the free installation also. i found that symphony uses Eco friendly technology which consumes less energy. i got this in very affordable price too. symphony you are truly the best cooler maker in the world.

  4. Symphony air cooler is best in all atmosphere and climate. I wrote this because I experienced the performance and cooling power of symphony air cooler in different atmosphere. I have symphony Hicool air cooler at my home which I use since last 1 and half years. Now the cooler is my main need in home. I use this cooler all time. The cooler has a big water tank so once I fill it once and then it runs easily 4 to 5 hours. For cooling it has dura-pump technology of cooling and works really grate in my home. I am very satisfied with my cooler and also suggesting others too.

  5. Amazing cooler by symphony it makes the room cool and fresh all the time. I am talking about my symphony cooler hicool which I purchased before 7 months. I am using the cooler at my office. The cooler has very nice body structure that it can fits in any place of the room. It has nice large water tank with dura-pump technology of cooling so it cools the room like dream room of summer. The cooler also has wheels so i can move it from one place to another easily. it also works with less power consumption. I am feeling very proud that I have this amazing cooler in my home.

  6. After experiencing symphony air cooler for 1 year I bought one more symphony air cooler for my home and this time I bought symphony Hicool i air cooler. The cooler is very attractive in looks and very effective in works. It has some interesting features like water tank alarm and remote control with this cooler. This time the summer is more hot and I want one cool thing which I use in all room of my home and this cooler has inbuilt wheels so I can move it from one place to another without any trouble. I am fully impressed with my new symphony air cooler.

  7. My uncle purchased symphony air cooler Hicool I before 9 months. He uses the cooler at their office. He is tax consultant and has office for work. He told me that the cooler is nicely works in his office. It has big water tank and remote control so hi is very happy to have the cooler at office. Hi cool cooler has all the features which can cool the room in just thirty minutes. it has 31 liter large water tank with empty tank alarm which is nice. it has remote control also so he can easily change the cooler’s mode. I also have symphony cooler at my office. We both are very happy with our coolers.

  8. What a fantastic cooler is this!! Symphony has a class of cooling. My cooler’s name is Hi cool i and it cools the room perfectly. When I reach home after my office I forgot all my tension in its cool air. this cooler makes my day and night beautiful in this hot days of summer. It is easy to use and easy to operate cooler with its remote control. It has big water tank with empty tank alarm so there is no need to check the cooler every time. The thing which attracts me more is it consumes less electricity and I am middle class man so this thing is like dream for me. I am fully satisfied with this cooler.

  9. symphony’s ninja cooler is the best. the size is small but the cooling strengthen is very powerful. i love the way it makes my room cool in very short of time. it makes the room summer free in such scorching summer. it has the powerful blower and large water tank capacity and multi-directional wheels makes the mobility easy for us all. very useful and very innovative. best machine for summer relief.

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