Symphony Diet 12i Air Cooler 12 ltr Remote

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Price Reduced 22 April 2017

Symphony Diet 12i 12 ltr Air Cooler with Remote @ Rs.7474

Amazon India offers 03 April 2017

Amazon is offering 23% off on Symphony Diet 12i Air Cooler 12 ltr Remote at Rs.7694 Only. Ideal for 100 Sq ft room, Full function remote with 7 hour timer system, Mosquito net, dust filter, High efficiency honey com pad.

  1. I have symphony diet 12i air cooler at my office. the cooler has nice body structure so it can be fit at any place. it has wheels also for moving so i can move it easily. the cooler works on dura-pump technology of cooling and with the help of that it throws the cool air at nice distance. cooler is very nice at works and I satisfied with the performance. After using the cooler for long time now I can defiantly say that symphony is number 1 air cooler company.

  2. I got much more than my money spent behind this. This cooler has feature like large water tank and less consumption of electricity, it make sense that I am runs cooler for long time and it is true that i am not getting more amount in my electricity bill after using cooler so much. The most important feature is wheels which makes this cooler portable in nature. Which is not done in any fan or air-condition. This all things together and that also at this nice and affordable price. I am glad to have this cooler for my home. I suggest you all if you all are want cool and fresh air and that is also at nominal price so try this and really get results which I get right now.

  3. I show symphony air cooler diet 12i at shop near to my home. The shop is full with public in pick hours but the atmosphere of the shop room is fresh and cool. I am surprised when I actually fills it coolness. I have symphony air cooler at my home which cools the room perfectly but I never expect that symphony cooler’s also cools the large room ant that is also a shop’s large room with full of people. Shopkeeper bought this cooler before 3 months but he is very satisfied with the cooler. He is very happy that the cooler has wheels so he can place the cooler at anywhere without any trouble.

  4. Symphony diet 12i air cooler is value for money cooler for my family. i purchased this cooler before 2 years. the company gives many features in this cooler which makes my life easy with the cooler. the cooler has large water tank so it saves my time that not check the tank all the time. it also has remote function facility so i can change it’s mode seating far from the cooler. really this cooler makes my life easy, cool, fresh and comfortable. thank you.

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